Ally Carter is known for her young adult series including the Gallagher Girls and Heist Society.

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Cheating at Solitaire (2005)

Julia James is a self-help guru who has spent the past years proclaiming herself as a role model to single ladies all around the globe. When an accidental meeting between Julia and wannabe actor Lance Collins occurs, the paparazzi snaps a picture of the two of them together and the very next day splashed all over the tabloids is the headline "Julia James and Lance Collins - A Couple". This is bad news for Julia who has made her name on telling women that they don't need a man to be happy. With her fans labelling her a hypocrite, she is forced to flee home. Lance follows suit and now the two must work out their dilemma as rumours spiral out of control. When a manuscript from Julia's past comes to light, it seems that her days as an author are over. Can she redeem herself in the writing world or is it time to start a new page in her life? This is a light-hearted story with plenty of humour. (PP)

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