All I Want for Christmas - Amy Silver

There are only 12 days until Christmas, and beauty editor Olivia is panicking. Somehow she has managed to invite all her fiance's family to her flat for Christmas dinner, and of course she needs to handle everything herself. So with all these distractions it's no wonder she doesn't notice the cyclist whizzing round the corner as she steps off the pavement. Bea sees the accident from her newly decorated cafe window. She's struggling with her own demons this Christmas as she tries to set aside her heartbreak over her husband's death for the sake of her small son. Her more immediate problem, however, seems to be the annoying woman in the corner who refuses to put her mobile phone away despite the signs. Chloe is frantically trying to get hold of her married lover. She's not sure how but over the past year her life has narrowed to include just her work as a solicitor, and the snatched moments she spends with Michael. All her friends have abandoned her and she seems incapable of making any more. So what on earth will she do if he doesn't leave his wife and come on holiday with her as he's promised? Three very different women, with three very different problems. Perhaps a little Christmas spirit will show them the way to help each other. And can the scent of romance that's been floating round the cafe unnoticed for a while now finally work its magic on Bea?

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