A Cinderella Christmas - Holly Kingston (2013)

Lucy Tilley is trying to break into showbusiness and is presented with a job in a pantomine by her friend, Charmaine, who is both beautiful and popular. She is thinking it could be a step in the right direction, especially since the potential love of her life is starting to notice her... This book was hilarious with all the drama of a daytime soap. Poor Lucy, she really was a nice girl but her admiration for Charmaine absolutely clouded her judgment about who her true friends were. A very short, but funny read, with a true Cinderella feel! (KARM)


A Cinderella Christmas is a novella from Holly Kingston. The summary says: "This year's Cinderella pantomime is the hottest production in town. What's more, Lucy is starring alongside Ryan Aspall: famous TV actor, sex symbol and potential love of her entire life. One teeny problem - Lucy is tripping the light fantastic as ... the back end of the comedy cow. Surely nothing kills a flirty moment quite like wearing a massive set of udders? At least she has the support of glamorous (if potentially flammable) Charmaine; a reality star diva of a Cinderella, who Lucy is completely fascinated by. But behind the fame and beauty, Charmaine is not all she seems. With more drama off the stage than on it, and everyone wanting to be star of the show, will Lucy find the confidence to make it out of the cow suit and into the spotlight this Christmas?"

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