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You Lucky Dog - Debra Finerman (2018)


On the surface, Jake has it all: a high-powered career, married to the beautiful Emma and living in the affluent suburbs of Los Angeles. But then a terrible accident befalls Jake which changes the course of his life. He somehow finds himself transmogrified into the body of his wife's beloved dog, also called Jake. After the initial shock of his transformation, Jake and Emma begin to adapt to his new identity and Jake embraces his new canine persona, even finding fame as a doggy actor. But he is constantly reminded of his old human life and struggles with the limitations of being a dog, especially when Emma starts to move on. But just as he thinks he has it sorted, events take another turn. The question the reader is faced with is this - is Jake really a dog or a man who thinks he is a dog?
This was a very unusual but heart-warming read. You Lucky Dog deals with themes of life and death and how true love never dies. Jake is a highly likeable character and some of his exploits as he gets to grips with his new doggy identity make for humorous reading. The story is well plotted with twists and turns with an array of fun characters (both human and canine) and is wonderful escapism. (LP)



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