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When Two Hearts Collide - Sonya Loveday and Candace Knoebel (2017)


Charlie is your typical English playboy and has a no-repeats policy when it comes to sleeping with women. He also owns the local pub which was his inheritance from his uncle. American Charlotte lives in the Hamptons, running her quirky shop called The Raven's Den (exactly the sort of nerdaholic store I would love to own - I have to admit I swooned when she poured herself Mr. Darcy Tea). Charlotte's best friend, Hannah, is attached to Charlie's friend Ed. Hannah was supposed to go on vacation to the Hamptons and spend time with Charlotte but when a work function comes up that she can't miss, Hannah gives her ticket to Charlie. Months ago, Charlotte and Charlie met, and they nearly did the deed, but Charlie backed out at the last minute because he felt something for Charlotte.
I have to admit the rest of this novel is a lot of back and forth, and emotions being chucked around by both Charlie and Charlotte as the pair obviously love one another but neither wants to compromise or make sacrifices for the other. I guess that's where the name of the series "A Game of Hearts" comes into play as it is an angsty love/hate novel between Charlie and Charlotte right up to the very last chapter. I also wasn't keen on the characters' names being so similar. If you are looking for a New Adult novel filled with angst and torn hearts with a bit of game-playing, manipulation and pulling the heartstrings - then check out When Two Hearts Collide. (PP)

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