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When Joss Met Matt - Ellie Cahill (2015)


Joss and Matt, who met in college, have become fast friends and eventually "sorbet buddies". This is their term for a friends-with-benefits relationship. They only have sex after one of them has a bad break-up and needs to 'cleanse the palate' to get the negativity out of their system. It works great for them as long as they follow the rules. The story follows the pair through this routine of sorbet sex for the next seven years until they both realise that it has to stop. For Joss, she has finally realised that she is actually in love with Matt but is afraid to tell him in case it ruins their friendship. And Matt is talking about ending their arrangement and moving away after meeting someone. Has Joss lost Matt for good or will she find the courage to tell Matt how she feels? This is a book for all of us who have ever had a best male friend who we have secretly loved or been in a FWB relationship that has led to us wanting more. (PP)

Rating 7/10


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