Unlit Star - Lindy Zart (2014)

This is the story of Delilah Bana and Rivers Young, two polar opposites who never really spoke to each other before this summer. When Delilah gets a job housecleaning for Rivers' family, she notices that Rivers doesn't ackowledge anyone, not even his own mother. This infuriates Delilah because she sees the pain this is causing his mother. After a tragic accident, Rivers is a shell of the boy he used to be. No longer the popular jock who had it all, he doesn't have any interest in talking to anyone, least of all Delilah. That all changes when Delilah forces him to open up. Once he does, both of their lives change forever. But Delilah is holding back a massive secret, one that will shatter Rivers all over again. This is an amazing story that will have you in tears. Both Delilah and Rivers are complex characters who lead broken lives after suffering tragedies but with the help of each other, they can pull themselves up. Keep your tissues handy because this is a definite tear-jerker! (AS)

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