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Undressing Mr Darcy - Karen Doornebos (2013)


Social media whizz Vanessa is helping out her Jane-Austen loving aunt by taking on the public relations for a visiting British writer, Julian. He has written a book called My Year as Mr Darcy to save his crumbling family pile and takes off his period clothing for women on tour. Suddenly it seems Vanessa can see the appeal of Jane Austen after all and she ends up jetting off to England for a Jane Austen festival. But is Julian really her Mr Darcy? Although the characters make such abrupt personality turns to give themselves whiplash, this is a fun romp from the minute Mr Darcy strips to his breeches.

Rating 6/10

Undressing Mr Darcy, by Karen Doornebos, sees "Mr Darcy" take it all off. The summary says: "Thirty-five-year-old American social media master Vanessa Roberts lives her thoroughly modern life with aplomb. So when her elderly Jane Austen-centric aunt needs her to take on the public relations for Julian Chancellor, a very private man from England who's written a book called My Year as Mr Darcy, Vanessa agrees. But she's not "excessively diverted," as Jane Austen would say. Hardbound books, teacups, and quill pens fly in the face of her e-reader, coffee, and smartphone... Until she sees Julian take his tight breeches off for his Undressing Mr. Darcy show, an educational "striptease" down to his drawers to promote his book and help save his crumbling estate. The public relations expert suddenly realises things have gotten personal. But can this old-fashioned man claim her heart without so much as a GPS? It will take three festivals filled with Austen fans, a trip to England, an old frenemy, and a flirtatious pirate re-enactor to find out..." Doornebos is also the author of Definitely Not Mr Darcy.

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