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Twas The Nate Before Christmas - Sophie Sloane (2015)


This is a cute Christmas novelette about Daisy, a young American woman living in England who meets the man of her dreams when she falls, literally, at his feet. Nate isn't all he claims or appears to be though. As far as Daisy is aware, Nate's a gardener at George Harrison's estate, but every time Daisy sees him, he's getting into or out of fancy sports cars and keeping company with people who appear to be celebrities. Daisy is convinced his "Uncle Paul" is THE Paul McCartney, but maybe her eyes are playing tricks on her ... or are they? As Daisy gets to know Nate better, the more questions about Nate's identity and intentions come to light.
Daisy and Nate were likable characters who were easy to relate to. The twist on Nate's true identity was an interesting and charming revelation and made the story more fanciful. This story is a quick read that will be a great addition to any reader's Christmas reading list. (SH)



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