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Former reality TV star Laura Ziepe is releasing a festive title called 'Tis the Season to be Single about three women who never expected to be single for Christmas.
The summary says: "Rachel is in shock. She was sure that her boyfriend was about to propose - not break up with her! Even worse, it turns out he's been cheating on her... Grace can't bear the thought of spending another Christmas with her lazy, unappreciative husband. Surely it's time to shake things up a bit?
Amber knows she should be happy that her best friend Jack is getting married, but there's a little part of her that can't help think 'it was always meant to be me'!
With Christmas fast approaching, surely there's no better time to be single - yet will the three friends manage to keep their promise and ban all men until the New Year?" 'Tis the Season to be Single is out in October 2018.



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