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The Year I Met August - Renea Porter (2016)


Murphy was always the quiet and studious one of the family; she never had time for boys or partying. Instead she was focused on her life goal of becoming a surgeon. Her older sister was the one who had boys on her mind, always falling in and out of love. Murphy had never even had a first kiss until the summer before she was due to start a pre-college internship - one which her father had pulled strings to get her into. Murphy never believed that love was something that could happen instantly - until she met August. Out with her sister and brother one night, Murphy is introduced to August - it is ten days before she is due to leave. What happens after that is a whirlwind romance and an eye-opener for Murphy as she is about to discover that love really is inevitable and can happen in a whizz-bang flash. As their summer of love comes to an end, they try to continue it but long-distance relationships come with risks. During this time apart, August starts experimenting with drugs and Murphy - being the sensible and responsible one who has to think of her future - decides they should break up. Then begins a story of back and forth love as Murphy and August are each other's kryptonite. This is an awesome read on how love can be instant and where connections can really be made in a blink of an eye. (PP)



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