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The Office Christmas Party - Aimee Duffy (2016)


Natalie is an event planner and despite being unable to celebrate Christmas after her mother’s death, she loves crashing office Christmas parties. Tech whizz Dean has created an app which controls guest lists at events, and often adds his name to the list so he can pick up women. The pair run into each other after both crashing the same party and sparks fly.
This has an interesting premise but develops into a super-cheesy read. Both characters over-explain their reasons for party crashing and the situations they find themselves in result in more groans than giggles. Great cover though!

Rating 5/10

Aimee Duffy's The Office Christmas Party is about the clash of two party crashers. The summary says: "Natalie Taylor and Dean Fletcher are serial Christmas party crashers. But when they start crashing the same parties, the mittens are off!
As much as she loves Christmas, after her mother's death, events planner Nat can't face the jolly season anymore. So to get her festive hit she crashes everyone else's party. It's a sweet gig, until she meets her competition, tech empire millionaire, Dean, under the mistletoe!
When it comes to relationships, Dean doesn't do serious - being left at the altar will do that to a guy. So when he meets feisty Nat, the first woman in ten years to pique his interest, he's tempted to break his one-night rule ... just for the holidays! Nat and Dean might get more than they bargained for in their stockings this Christmas!" The Office Christmas Party is out in September 2016.

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