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The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker, the debut novel by Jenni Keer, is about two neighbours from different generations who become friends.
The summary says: "Lucy Baker is not your usual 25-year-old. She is more at home reading and knitting in her cluttered little flat than going out partying and socialising.
79-year-old Brenda is full of wise and wonderful advice, but when she's diagnosed with dementia her life begins to change. Before her memories slip away for ever, Brenda is desperate to fulfil one last wish - to see Lucy happy.
Gifting Lucy the locket that helped Brenda find her own true love, she hopes to push her reticent neighbour in the right direction. But is Lucy Baker ready for the opportunities and heartbreaks of the real world? It's about time she put her knitting needles aside and found out." The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker is out in January 2019.



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