The Duality Principle - Rebecca Grace Allen (2014)

One of my favourite things this year in books is that smart and geeky is the new "sexy" and The Duality Principle is another book to back that up. Gabby Evans is studying for a PhD in Applied Mathematics with the theory of The Duality Principle, which states that no one single entity can represent two things e.g you can only be good, not bad etc. After her grandmother died and things became rocky at home, Gabby needed time away and heads to her grandmother's old house in Portland. Her best friend Jamie has set her up on a blind date, with an old school buddy of hers and after all her failed attempts at dating Gabby thinks this is going to be another geeky disaster. Turns out though that Connor Starks is more than meets the eye - by day he is a computer programmer but he also has that spunky side that Gabby has been searching for. So begins a fun romantic New Adult story with references to Geek and Maths Equations as well as some "sexy moments" with a bad boy turned good. Can Connor prove Gabby's theory about The Duality Principle wrong or will he re-affirm what she already believes? (PP)

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