With its funny trailer, all-star cast and lovely film poster, The Big Wedding promised to be one of the most enjoyable romantic comedies of 2013. While it didn't completely live up to general expectations, it is definitely a fun and entertaining film which any chick flick fan will enjoy and worth a spot on this particular year's top 10 rom-com list. Don (Robert de Niro) and Ellie Griffin (Diane Keaton) were happily married for twenty years before they decided it was best for the both of them to get a divorce. Even though Don got together with Ellie's best friend Bebe (Susan Sarandon) soon after the split, the family is still civilised and on speaking terms, including the three children Lyla (Katherine Heigl), Jared (Topher Grace) and Alejandro (Ben Barnes), who was adopted and originally comes from Colombia. Alejandro is about to get married to the love of his life, Missy (Amanda Seyfried), and has invited his biological mother to the wedding. However, she is a devoted Catholic who does not believe in divorce. Alejandro asks his parents to pretend to be still married for the couple of days his biological mother is in town, because he thinks this will be easier than actually telling the truth. Ellie and Don are willing to pretend for the sake of their son, because honestly, how hard can it be...?

The film, directed by Justin Zackham who also wrote the 2007 film The Bucket List starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, is actually an American remake of a Swiss-French movie titled Mon Frere Se Marie from 2006. The all-star cast form a wonderful and entertaining mix of characters who represent a great but slightly dysfunctional family. Keaton and de Nero make a convincing couple, Heigl portrays the kind of role she does best, and Robin Williams adds that extra touch of comedy that will make any viewer laugh out loud. The storyline is quite predictable and a bit cheesy, but in my honest opinion a true chick flick needs a bit of cheese in order to deserve the title of 'chick flick'. One other thing I thought was great was the scene setting; most of the film is set in a gorgeous house and it was just perfect for the story. Overall, The Big Wedding might not be one of the best romantic comedies I've seen, but it's a funny and thoroughly enjoyable film that is saved by its fantastic cast; perfect for a night at home on the couch!

Movie reviewed by Jody Hoekstra

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