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Tattooed Scars - Alicia Rae (2015)


In this second book in the Tattooed Billionaire series, Damien and Raelyn are back and falling deeper in love with each other. That is despite the obstacles being chucked in the way from his mother appearing out of the blue, to his nosy and jealous secretary to his stepbrother Drake and his family. Damien never thought that he could ever love anybody but he would do anything in the world for Raelyn. So when her illness returns, will Damien adhere to Raelyn's wishes or will he try to find a solution no matter the cost? Just as they seem to be moving forward, both their pasts collide at full-frontal speed. Tattooed Scars was another amazing contemporary, edgy love story from Alicia Rae and what I love most about these type of stories is that it shows readers that even the broken and damaged ones are capable of an intense love. I am looking forward to reading more of Alicia Rae's novels. (PP)

Rating 7/10


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