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Confetti Confidential: They Do I Don't (2015)

Marriage celebrant Genevieve has always believed in the happy ever after. That is, until she discovers flirtatious text messages between her husband, Peter, and a woman he works with. Disgusted with the affair, she throws him out. With three almost adult children and such a long marriage, she's lost and no longer wishes to officiate other people's marriages. She has a number of bookings to complete before giving the job away. The weddings she must attend are over-the-top crazy and comical, but there's one or two too many. She's surrounded by four sisters, one of whom is suffering from cancer, and commences to date other men, whilst relying upon her best friend, Tom. Whilst her husband is keen to reconcile, she's not so sure. It's a comical story that stretches for too long and ends a little predictably. (LF)

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