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Stories I’d Tell in Bars - Jen Lancaster (2017)


When editors told Jen Lancaster the world didn’t need another memoir, she very loudly begged to differ. She argued that the world absolutely needed another memoir and decided to self-published her latest book, Stories I’d Tell in Bars. Thank you for going with your gut, Ms. Lancaster! Memoirs are what put her on the bestseller map and her latest confirms she still has plenty of personal “you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up” stories which need to be told.
Whether it’s embarking on the Whole30 diet plan, attending the citizen police academy in her town, or inventing a new summer game complete with its own soundtrack (Poolyball, anyone?), you are guaranteed to laugh out loud at the antics and antidotes of Jen and Fletch. And speaking of Fletch, he responds to her stories at the end of each chapter and it’s hilarious. Even with typos (due to self-publishing, perhaps?), I’m pretty sure the world needs many more Jen Lancaster memoirs. And I, for one, say, “keep ’em coming!” (LEK)

Rating 8/10

Jen Lancaster has released another collection of essays with Stories I'd Tell in Bars. The summary says: "Unfiltered. Unapologetic. Older - but arguably not wiser.
Lancaster gets back to basics in this hilarious essay collection about everything from taking community policing classes to accidentally getting stoned with her waiter after a fancy dinner. These are the tales she'd tell if she met you in a bar... if she weren't too lazy to put on pants and go to a bar.
Offering advice ranging from how to remain happily married to a man who refuses to blow his damn nose already to not creating An Incident at the cheese counter during an attempt at Whole30, she's you, only louder. As she details the chaos that will surely ensue if she has to learn to operate one more television remote control, you'll want to settle in and pour yourself a tall one. Because what's more fun than hearing a friend share her favourite stories?"

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