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Someone New - Zoe Miller (2016)


As Grace breaks up with her steady accountant boyfriend, Gavin, a guy called Danny walks into her life. Though he doesn’t tell her much about his past, he is spontaneous and all about embracing the moment. Together they spent a magical time together until one night he goes out for takeaway and is involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. In her grief, Grace starts seeing his motorbike everywhere and receives other signs that make her wonder if Danny’s death was really an accident at all. This has a clever, nail-biting plot that leaves you guessing. The romance between Grace and Danny was beautiful and the story was also enhanced by the sub-plots involving Grace’s sister, Lucia, and her super-organised life and police officer Matt trying to fix his broken relationship. Totally hooked me in.

Rating 8/10

Someone New, by Zoe Miller, is about a woman who believes sinister things are happening to her. The summary says: "In her heart, Grace knows the perfect, reliable, good-looking Gavin isn't right for her. Then she meets Danny. Unpredictable and spontaneous, he turns her world upside down. All of a sudden, Grace is seeing life differently and doing things she never thought she'd do. But tragedy strikes when Danny dies in a motorbike accident, shattering Grace's world. As she struggles to come to terms with her loss, she becomes more and more convinced that she's being followed - sighting a motorbike exactly like Danny's everywhere she goes. And she starts to wonder if Danny's death was really an accident. When she finally voices her suspicions to her family and the police, though, no one seems willing to believe her. Meanwhile Grace feels ever more under threat as sinister things begin happening to her. What was Danny hiding from her? And what kind of danger is she in now?" Someone New is out in April 2016.

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