Soldier On - Sydney Logan (2014)

Stephanie James has only one goal in mind, to get through her college years and graduate and then move on to a well-paid career. She has always been the hard worker in her group of friends and has made a goal not to date, especially not anyone associated with the military. Steph didn't have a dad growing up because he was a soldier who died just before she was born during the Desert Storm campaign. From this her hatred of everything military grew. On the night of a costume party for New Year's Eve, Steph has a midnight kiss with a guy dressed in military gear. She kisses him thinking that despite the uniform, he's cute and what the heck it's New Year's Eve. As the days pass by, Stephanie can't get him out of her head and nicknames him GI Joe. The only thing she wishes was that he wasn't dressed like a soldier at the costume party - otherwise he would have been absolutely perfect. When the guy she kissed - Brandon Walker - moves in as a roommate, they begin dating. But he really is a soldier and once he graduates he will have to leave to go to the Fort and start training. How can he tell Steph - will she get past her hatred of the military or will this relationship turn out to be short-lived? Soldier On was a good military read which shows readers that no matter how much you hate something, if you really love the person then you will learn to live with it. (PP)

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