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Seat 2A - Dela (2017)


What if coincidences were fate and destiny at play? What if it was trying to tell you something but you missed all the signs? Jessie was planning to attend her friend's wedding with her boyfriend, that is until she catches him cheating just before their flight was to depart. Now expecting an empty seat beside her, Jessie is ready to wallow. However someone has other plans - Kendall on a whim watches Jessie and wants to know her, so he takes Seat 2A. Over the next few days, they catch up in Whistler and spend an amazing time together. It's like the stars are trying to tell them that they belong together. However, their romance is over before it even starts as tragedy tears them apart.
Years pass after the two go their separate ways until their paths cross in the supermarket of all places. Is this their second chance at romance? The only problem is that Jessie has a boyfriend already while the tragedy has changed Kendall. I loved this book as I have a thing for second-chance romances and stories where past loved ones cross paths again. (PP)



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