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Miss Spelled (2014)

It's Lou and Aidan's one-year anniversary and he has just popped the question. Amid the excitement, someone is waiting in the wings ready to burst Lou's bubble. Enter Hunter, the bane of Lou's existence and as it turns out Aidan's arch-enemy since childhood. Consultant Hunter is in town for the restructuring of the bank where Aidan works. During Lou's gap year, she dated Hunter even though he cheated on her numerous times. Worried that Hunter will say something to Aidan and ruin everything, Lou along with her friend Mel, who is a Harry Potter freak, buys a memory wiper spell over the internet to erase Hunter's memory of Lou. It all backfires though and sends Lou spiralling into an alternate reality - a 'what if' world where Lou and Aidan have never met, Lou is living at home and working as an office temp and she is still seeing Hunter who of course is still being a jerk. Will Lou be able to make things go back to the way they were or will she have to live with the consequences and restart her life? Near the end I was a bit unsure where things would lead as it wasn't looking too peachy for Lou. This is a fun and quirky chick lit novel and comes with the life lesson of "always read the instructions first"!! (PP)

Hindsight (2013)

Juliette is a busy working mother with two boys Ethan and Cal and her husband Chris does most of the parenting. When after a party and a coffee date, Juliette overhears one of the single mum, Anja, talking about hooking up with Chris - that she's just waiting for him to leave his wife - she angrily confronts her husband and then falls asleep after copious amounts of alcohol. The next morning, Juliette awakes to find herself in the year 1961, where she is a happy stay-at-home mum with not two boys but three including an older son called Will. Her mother is alive in this alternate reality but living in a mental asylum. Can Juliette figure out what has happened and play the role of a 1960s housewife or will she forget how to act and find herself carted off to the asylum herself? And what if she makes it back to her 21st century life - will she miss the 60s and her eldest son? Hindsight is not only a sweet contemporary romance, it's a fascinating read about someone finding themselves in the wrong era and perhaps getting a second chance at happiness with her family. (PP)

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