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Nanny Confidential (2014)

Lindsay is an Australian nanny who now lives in Hollywood. Her latest charges are the six daughters of film director Cameron Appleby and his high-maintenance wife Alysha. Actually she's never once seen Cameron in the flesh because he's always away on location. As an "elite VIP nanny", Lindsay needs to be discreet about what goes on behind the gates of a celebrity's home, as she tries to provide a stable, nurturing hand for children whose parents are too often preoccupied with their own stardom. But there are numerous perks to the job - such as a massive salary, travel by private jet, a wardrobe full of designer clothes. As Lindsay herself says: she works like a slave but lives like a queen. When the doors of the Appleby mansion are thrown open to a reality TV crew, Lindsay's job becomes even harder to handle. A lot of the story is told in retrospect by Lindsay explaining what life is like for an elite nanny - I would have preferred to have seen a lot more live action. It's a short read with plenty of outrageous scenarios that will appeal to readers of gossip magazines. It comes across at times more memoir than fiction (the author has worked as a nanny to the rich and famous).

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