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Ninja at First Sight - Penny Reid (2015)


In this novella, we go back 18 years to where we first meet Fiona and Greg. It takes us all the way back to Fiona's first day of college as she has finally talked her parents into letting her experience college life. Fiona never had a normal childhood, because she was a gymnast for Team USA. But then disaster struck, with a tumour causing her to drop out of that life. Fiona has always been a quiet observer and her new roommate, Fern, hopes to change that by taking Fiona around the dorm rooms - she is only dressed in a green sweater and her ninja star pj pants hence the word "Ninja". It is here that Fiona meets Greg, a Brit with dual citizenship and a love for healthy debates and proving people wrong. The two clash and have healthy debates and eventually fall in love. Ending on a cliffhanger, Ninja at First Sight is the beginning of the love story of Fiona and Greg - characters from the Knitting in the City series where adult Fiona is part of the knitting circle. This quick, romantic novella will help readers get the backstory on Fiona and Greg and get excited for the fifth book in the series. (PP)

Rating 7/10


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