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The Last Carolina Sister (2021)


This is the third book in the Magnolia Sisters series and after Avery and Carrie find their true loves, it’s Meredith’s turn. But Meredith is a loner who keeps to herself at the animal shelter she’s operating and trying to stay afloat while running from a past she’d prefer to forget.
That is until handsome ER doctor Ryan Sorensen moves in next door to recuperate from a traumatic injury where he needs time to heal both physical and mental scars. The animal shelter is perfect therapy for both of them and the two join forces to help the local animals.
With Ryan’s help, Meredith learns her true value and place in Magnolia and is able to let go of the past and Ryan is forced to revaluate the big city life he was living.
Another sweet delivery from this author who does small-town romance so well and has created a town with characters you can’t help but fall in love with. (LF) 7/10


The Merriest Magnolia (2020)


We return to small-town Magnolia, North Carolina, for the second book in this series. The three sisters, Avery, Carrie and Meredith, are reunited and are the best of friends. Together they are on a mission to make Magnolia great again after their late father almost destroyed the town.
Christmas is approaching and what better time to make Magnolia beautiful with a special Christmas festival. Problem is, Carrie’s first love, Dylan Scott, has returned and has his own plans to turn hick Magnolia into a thriving metropolis and forsake long-held traditions and charm. He is keen to prove himself to Carrie and the town after leaving in disgrace all those years ago. Carrie and Dylan have to work together to save the town but will it cost them a second chance at love?
I really enjoyed being back in Magnolia again and following Carrie’s journey to love. If you like small-town romances, this is a series to follow. (LF) 7/10


The Magnolia Sisters (2020)


Avery Keller was raised by her single mother. When her father dies, she meets two half-sisters she never knew and inherits a one-third share of the estate he leaves behind in small-town Magnolia. Her father was a famous artist, the life-blood of the community, a notorious adulterer and bad at managing his affairs.
With her own life in tatters after a disastrous love affair, Avery travels to Magnolia to clean up the mess her father left behind. What she doesn't expect is to love her sisters, and to be attracted to dashing local firefighter and single dad, Grayson Atwell. Suddenly, small town life has grown on her and she finds compelling reasons to re-evaluate her city life.
This is a sweet, small-town romance about discovering where you belong. (LF) 7/10


A Magnolia Reunion (2019)


International nurse Jennie Copley left small-town Magnolia five years ago and only returns to celebrate her beloved Nana's 90th birthday. What she doesn't count on is having to plan her Nana's party with her ex-boyfriend, firefighter Lucas Michaels, the one she left behind all those years ago after he broke her heart.
This is a short and sweet story about a second chance at love and a nice introduction to the town of Magnolia where the author sets her next full-length novel, The Magnolia Sisters. (LF) 6/10


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