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Alert the Media (2013)

April and Ryan are the perfect Hollywood power couple - except the public doesn't know they are together. They have always assumed that Ryan is a hot single actor and April the behind-the-scenes PR girl. The truth is they have been married for years. But now Ryan drops a bombshell on April - finally admitting to her that he is gay, is seeing a guy called Matthew and wants a divorce. Unsure how to react, April decides to up her seduction game and try to win him back. But instead he wants her and her PR company to spin the story that he is an eligible bachelor to cement him in leading man roles. So April must learn to juggle her secret divorce and promote Ryan by setting him up on dates which she believes should rightfully be hers. As April tries to move on with her life - both reality and fantasy as trust me, this girl has a lot of sexual and relationship-wise fantasies going on in that pretty head of hers - this satirical story gives readers a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes in the Hollywood PR business. (PP)

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