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A peeved ghost needs to sort out some issues before she can pass over in Julia Williams' Make a Christmas Wish. The summary says: "Last Christmas Livvy was run over in the Sainsburys car park. She didn't make it but she certainly wasn't ready to actually be dead. She has spent the last eleven months floating about on the edge of the afterlife, and generally making a nuisance of herself. As Christmas comes around again she is given one last chance to make everything right and to see her family through to a happier future. Perfect, in theory. But Livvy's still not done - she's not at all keen on the new woman in her husband's life, or the secrets she's uncovered since she's been listening in, and she's pretty worried about her son, too, who doesn't seem to be adjusting at all. There's going to be quite a bit of trouble before Livvy finally says goodbye." Make a Christmas Wish is out in September 2015.

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