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The Life List (2013)

Brett discovers at her mother's will reading that she won't be inheriting her mantle as head of the cosmetic company. That honour instead goes to her savvy sister-in-law Catherine. And neither is Brett receiving her inheritance now, like her two brothers. Instead Brett is tasked with completing the to-do list she compiled when she was 14 - from getting a dog and helping poor people, to becoming a teacher and falling in love. What on earth was her beloved mother thinking! But with the help of her mother's young lawyer, Brad, Brett begins ticking off the list - and moving forward with her life in ways she never previously imagined. If Lori Nelson Spielman had 'write an amazing debut novel' on her own life list, she can certainly tick that off. Brett is a lovely character who is sure to inspire and the way her life goes in a different, more authentic, direction is a charming journey for readers. The threads all come together beautifully - albeit a bit predictably - at the end. Add this to your to-read list.

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