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Sweet Occasions (2014)

Katie and Adam are two strangers who meet each other on a rainy day. Katie has her own bakery shop, Sweet Occasions, and while she is closing up one day a handsome but soaking wet customer comes into the shop. His name is Adam and he got caught out with a flat tyre while on his way to visit his grandmother. Katie decides to help him out, which is a turning point in both of their lives and for the next two years they continue to bump into each other... Could this be fate or is there no such thing? Sweet Occasions is what the title already suggests: a sweet read. Katie is a lovely heroine and the book is filled with several other interesting and wonderful characters, such as handsome Adam, his cute daughter Lily and his charming grandmother Grace. The story is told from several perspectives and I really enjoyed being able to see things from both Adam's and Katie's point of view. Before picking up this book, I had read some reviews of Linn B. Halton's other works and she tends to add a touch of the spiritual to her stories. This counts for this book as well, but in a subtle and realistic way that fits the chick lit genre. The idea of fate and perfect timing plays an important role in the novel and I loved the plotline and how the story was set up. It was an enjoyable, sweet and feel-good novel with a lovely mix of characters at its core. (JoH)

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