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Let It Snow, a novella by Wendy Lewis, is about a woman who leaves her husband and moves to the country. The summary says: "Karen is determined not to spend another Christmas with her lazy and unappreciative husband, Frank. The final straw came when he tricked her into going with him to a 'swingers' party. Horrified she stormed out, packed all her stuff up and fled. With no income, no home and all her possessions stuffed in the back of her caravan with her beloved dog, Eccles, Karen is more than a little apprehensive about starting over. But at thirty-five she is sure there is still time to find something better. She takes up a live-in post helping out an elderly lady, Joan Moreland in her home in Sussex. But it soon becomes clear that Joan isn't ready to let someone into her home. And when Joan's neurotic parrot starts pulling its own feathers out in protest of the invasion of space, it is clear that Karen has to leave. With help from her parents, who live nearby, Karen buys a cosy semi-derelict ex-farmhouse on top of the South Downs. Secluded and peaceful Karen is more than happy to settle down with Eccles, a few chickens and an aging donkey. After taking Eccles for a routine check-up with the local vet, Neil Fletcher, Karen is offered a job answering the night calls for the surgery. Grateful for the income Karen accepts, although she is worried she is developing inappropriate feelings towards her manager, Neil. As Christmas looms ever closer Karen starts to realise how lonely she could become in her farmhouse. Will she find someone special to invite to Christmas this year? Could Neil turn out to be more than just a work colleague? When the biggest snowstorm in fifty years hits the village things are complicated even further... Will Karen and Neil be thrown together? Or will she end up trapped in her cottage in the snow?"

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