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The Little Unicorn Gift Shop (2018)


Ben and Polly have been best friends all their lives. As neighbours they spent all their time together. In Ben and his parents, Polly had the family she didn’t have at home where her single mother was too busy with her art, parties, and friends to even find time to buy her clothes and food. For Ben, Polly was an air of vitality, the person who pushed him to go over the limits. But right after they finished school, Polly left to travel around the world.
Twelve years later, she is back in Ben’s life, coming home to open her unique unicorn gift shop while Ben is leaving his career in law to follow his dream and open his tea shop. Finding themselves sharing a store and spending more and more time together, Ben and Polly will have to face their feelings and the reason why Polly left twelve years earlier.
I really enjoyed Kellie Hailes’ Rabbit’s Leap series, so I was really looking forward to this book. Although I liked the engaging characters, the story is at times repetitive and I couldn’t really get into it. Despite this, the novel is still entertaining and you will enjoy it if you are looking for a heart-warming read. (NP) 6/10


Christmas At The Second Chance Chocolate Shop (2017)


After being away from home for 10 years, Serena Hunter comes back to Rabbit Leap to start a new life. Despite her mother’s objections, she leaves the family farm to open her own chocolate shop. Serena is one day away from realising her dream when Ritchie, her world-famous rock star husband, arrives in town to win her back. She tries to send him away but he has every intention of sticking around and getting his muse back. So between chocolate-making and forced family dinners, Serena will find out if Ritchie is really the changed man he claims to be.
My mouth watered throughout this book reading about all types of chocolate I didn’t even know existed. I loved the community feeling inspired by the small-town setting and the loyalty among (almost) everyone in the village. With entertaining characters, an atmospheric and snowy setting, and a laugh-out-loud and romantic storyline, this is an ideal book to get you in the Christmas spirit! (NP) 7/10


The Big Little Festival (2017)


Jody’s whole world revolves around her two nine-year-old twin boys. She wants to be a good mother to them and for this reason she has given up on men and dating. Christian is the best event manager in London and works non-stop, but a mistake drives him away from the city and to the small town of Rabbit Leap to help Jody organise the town festival that will fund the renovation of the community swimming pool. Soon, Jody’s man ban is under threat as Christian finds the small-town atmosphere and family life more attractive thanks to the beautiful single mother. They both want to prove something to themselves and to others and the ride won’t be easy.
Ranging from family to love and friendship, the plot is entertaining and romantic with funny moments and witty dialogue. The characters are colourful, engaging, and will make you laugh out loud. I liked how Jody and Christian annoy each other but also can’t hide their attraction causing hilarious scenes. The second book in a series, I really enjoyed this novel and I look forward to get my hands on the other two books. (NP) 7/10


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