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Dear Mr Knightley (2013)

In a way this book doesn't read like your average novel but in fact more like your own diary as you flip back years later. The narrator, Samantha Moore, has been given an opportunity of a lifetime - a grant has been set up by Mr Knightley, as he wishes to be known, for her to study a Masters in journalism. The grant only comes with one stipulation - that she must write letters to the grant giver but the conversation will be one-sided as he will not respond back. So begins the correspondence from Sam to Mr Knightley in which she reveals her deep darkest secrets, her past and childhood, and her current feelings about school, friends, boys and of course her strong love of the classics which she uses as an escape mechanism. As the story progresses we see Sam introduced to a variety of characters, some will be fleeting moments and others will end up having a long-lasting effect on her and cause her to open up and share about herself. Dear Mr Knightley is one of those books which you can sit back and enjoy and imagine that it is your thoughts you are reading. By the end I definitely felt a strong connection with Sam. And right up until the last chapter you will be wondering, who is Mr Knightley? (PP)

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