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Katey Lovell has gone the festive route for her latest novel, Joe and Clara's Christmas Countdown. The summary says: "This Christmas she'll give her heart to someone special...
As Christmas approaches, Joe Smith knows he should be celebrating with friends and family, making the most of the season. But for Joe, Christmas only holds painful memories. Ones he can feel crushing his heart, a reminder of a time he can never forget.
Clara O'Connell loves Christmas. For her it is the most magical time of the year. And she's determined to make Joe love it too! She knows he's hurting, but maybe she can help to ease his pain. Her plan: One special gift every day to remind Joe just how loved he is.
But the clock is ticking. Will the Christmas magic wear off at midnight or will Clara's Christmas countdown be the perfect gift to heal Joe's broken heart? And in doing so, maybe she will get a gift in return - Joe's love for Christmas and forever...?" Joe and Clara's Christmas Countdown is out in October 2017.

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