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Finding You (2014)

Julia, Charlie and their young son Hadyn have been through a lot. Julia and Charlie's lives were completely turned upside down when Hadyn disappeared on a summer's day in Spain.
After a year of despair and hope, their child has been found alive and they are now ready to pick up the pieces and go back to their normal life as a family.
Yet, things aren't that simple. Ever since they found Hadyn, he has been acting strange which is making it difficult for all of them to move on. Julia and Charlie are also still keeping secrets from one another, which slowly leads to even more misunderstandings. Their bond as a family and their love for one another is tested in various ways, and the question is whether they will manage to stay together through it all.
I was straight away taken in by Giselle Green's detailed and touching style of writing. Julia and Charlie's struggles and pain clearly come through. The subject matter was fascinating and the fact that the story is told from both Julia and Charlie's perspectives reveals their individual fears and troubles.
Although enough information is given to be able to read this novel as a stand-alone, I personally think I would have enjoyed it more if I had been familiar with the entire background story from her 2009 novel Little Miracles. I didn't really get into the sequel 100 per cent, which was a shame. I think if I had already been familiar with Julia and Charlie, and the details of Hadyn's disappearance, perhaps I would have been able to really get into the book.
Overall, Finding You is an emotionally charged and in-depth family drama, but to new readers I'd recommend reading Little Miracles first, so you can enjoy the entire story to its fullest. (JoH)

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