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Fraud - J.L. Berg (2017)


Kate O'Malley never dreamed that she would one day become a sought-after author and that her story would become so popular that people would be wanting more adventures. You see Kate O'Malley worked at a university in the student finance offices and lived a boring virginal life. After her friend persuaded her to sign up for a creative writing course, she did and then she got her best friend who is in the publishing world to read her sexy story. What Kate didn't expect was finding an editor who wanted to publish it. Now Kate O' Malley has a secret identity as Laura Stone - an author who doesn't give interviews or show the world the real "her" because if they got to know who she really was, they would discover that she is a fraud.
Journalist Killian Turner has just been fired from his job and sees this expose of the "real" Laura Stone as his way to redemption and getting his job back. He is one of the few who know her real identity. Can he track down Kate and expose her as Laura? Or will he find himself falling in love with her?
This read is perfect for all those readers who love author romance stories or might be considering a nom de plume themselves. (PP)



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