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Finding Cinderella - Colleen Hoover (2013)


This novella centres around Daniel and Six, friends of Dean and Sky from the Hopeless series. Eighteen-year-old Daniel is hiding out in the maintenance closet because he has no fifth period scheduled and he meets a girl in the dark. The pair talk but never use each other's names. Their little meeting turns to them pretending to love each other and then they go their separate ways. One year later Daniel has just broken up with his on-off again girlfriend Val and meets Six - whose real name is Seven. Neither of them believe in love but it seems that this might be the real thing as they both start to actually fall in love with each other. Something clicks in Daniel and we the reader wonder whether Six is in fact the girl Daniel met a year ago. Has Daniel finally found his Cinderella or is Six better than Cinderella ? As a fan of Cinderella stories and second-chance loves, this book touched a spot in my heart and was one of those stories that gives us the feeling that even the most broken can find love. (PP)

Rating 6/10


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