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Inspired by The Mickey Mouse Club, Fame Adjacent, by Sarah Skilton, sees the child star who was left behind get her moment to shine.
The summary says: "What if your best days, happened when you were eleven?
It's not easy being the only cast member of a 1990s song-and-dance show who didn't become famous. Holly Danner has made her peace with her crowning moment happening over twenty years ago and watching her childhood friends become world-famous. But when she finds out there's a 25th anniversary show and she wasn't invited, it's time to set the record straight.
She's all set to race cross-country, except she's in Internet Rehab and the only person who can get her there in time is Thom Parker, a handsome and infuriating patient who doesn't think she should confront her famous ex-friends. But it's finally Holly's time in the spotlight and nothing is going to stop her..."
Fame Adjacent is out in April 2019.



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