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A Wedding in Provence (2014)

Olivia and her fiance, Brody, are in France for their wedding. They are getting married at Olivia's best friend Emily's charming bed-and-breakfast, located in the quiet seaside town of Cassis. Emily has been married to Sebastien for over a decade. He swept her off of her feet and out of New York City to his family's B&B in France. Together they've remodelled and renovated the dilapidated inn to the popular destination it is today. While Emily is excited to be a part of her best friend's nuptials, she's dealing with her own embarrassing marital problems. Nell, Olivia's eldest daughter, meets a sexy stranger on the plane en route to her mother's crazy wedding. She decides to invite him along to the wedding - which is wild even by Nell's standards. Carly is the last to arrive to the wedding, and she's arriving painfully solo. Her workaholic boyfriend, Wes, decided once again work is more important than his relationship. Always the golden child who plays by the rules, Carly decides that this trip will be her first-ever exciting and unpredictable adventure. I liked that the book followed all three women from their own viewpoints and I liked the little family secrets that unraveled throughout the story. A different kind of chick-lit novel that involves a lot of lighthearted fun mixed with a little bit of a dark twist. (AV)

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