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The Weird Sisters (2011)

The Weird Sisters centres around the Andreas family - the father is a professor who only talks in Shakespearean language and has named his three daughters after the Bard's characters Rosalind, Bianca and Cordelia. The three sisters - who go by the names Rose, Bean and Cordy - return to their childhood home when their mother finds out she has breast cancer. Rose has always assumed responsibility as the oldest of the sisters. She is stuck between her dream job in Barnwell or moving to England for two years with her fiance. Will Rose choose her career over love? Bean, who has been fired for embezzlement, has moved back home as a last resort. Will she be able to move on with her life when she's offered the job as Barnwell's librarian and when it comes to guys will she choose Edward or the new father Aiden? Cordy has come home with a secret - she's pregnant. When she finds love with Dan, owner of the local coffee shop, will it last or will he be off like a shot when he discovers she carrying someone else's baby? In this story of love, forgiveness and the real meaning of sisterhood, Eleanor Brown has done an amazing job expressing the different personalities. (PP)

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