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Dirty - Kylie Scott (2016)


After watching her soon-to-be husband having raunchy sex with his best man, Lydia flees the scene of her imminent wedding and hides in Vaughan Hewson's bathtub. Instead of charging her with trespass, the stranger welcomes her in and offers her a place to stay. Rock star Vaughan has returned home to tidy up loose ends and over the course of the next few days, each realise their lives are not following the expected path but they help restore faith in each other. Lydia learns she can not only survive her disastrous relationship breakdown, but prosper. Vaughan understands that he no longer needs to be a high-profile musician at the expense of his family and friends left behind. In amongst all of this self-discovery, they try to keep their hands off each other, and at times, fail miserably. These characters are hot and sizzle off the page. It's great to see a strong and sassy female lead in this, the first book in Scott's Dive Bar series. (LF)



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