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New York Dolls (2014)

Denton Hodges has landed an internship at Glitter magazine and has been given her first writing assignment during New York Fashion Week, though it comes with a few strings attached. The first is that she's not actually going there as herself but as Anna - the beauty and fashion editor. When Denton finds pop star Amber Donovan in a bad shape in the loos, Denton - being the nice girl she is - offers her assistance and just like that she becomes Amber's best friend Dee-Dee and is introduced to the world of celebrities including hunky Hollywood actor Chris West. As Denton gets to know Chris, sparks fly but what will happen when he discovers that she is one of those tabloid magazine reporters he hates so much? Soon Denton is caught in a sticky situation with Glitter editor Alice wanting her to get the inside scoop on Amber and Chris. What is more important to Denton when it comes to the crunch - her career or love ? I really enjoyed New York Dolls as it gives the reader the other side of working in the magazine world, rather than just the glam side of attending events and meeting celebs. (PP)

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