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Becoming a Vincent - C.M. Owens (2017)


Four families called The Wild Ones live in Tomahawk, a small lake town in the backwoods, and each one owns their spot of land. The Vincents are one of the families and Lilah Vincent is about to start something of a family feud. She has been best friends for the past few years with Benson Nolan and she would have tried something with him if it wasn't for that ghastly beard. You see the town has been in a beard-growing competition for years and the first to even trim their beard has to swim across the cold lake. Getting revenge on her brothers, Lilah cuts their beards which ends the competition. And so emerges the fresh-faced hunk of Benson Nolan. What will happen when Lilah starts to fall for him and then thinks she isn't good enough for his family. This causes another war between the Nolans and Vincents and sets the whole lake on edge. It's a crazy day but then again, this is the home of The Wild Ones in Tomahawk, and for them, this is the norm.
This book had me laughing my way right through it, and the chemistry and fun between all the characters made you want to be right in the midst of it all. (PP) 8/10



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