Bad Romeo - Leisa Rayven (2014)

Cassie Taylor and Ethan Holt are reunited on a New York theatre set, preparing to co-star together once again. They haven't seen each other in years, ever since they fell hard for one another at a prestigious acting school. But just like the Romeo and Juliet characters they portrayed back then, they seem to be star-crossed lovers. The brooding hero refuses to let anyone get close to him and keeps holding back despite the sparks flying between himself and his leading lady. The story is mainly set in the past, with Cassie and Ethan having to play the world's most infamous young lovers while trying to keep their own passion under control. In the present, Ethan is trying to get back in Cassie's good books after having spectactularly broken her heart - somehow. With plenty of the sexual tension and intense angst that drives the New Adult genre, this rather addictive story by an apiring Australian actor is set to continue in the 2015 sequel Broken Juliet. This book, which started out as Twilight fan fiction, will probably fall into the love-it or hate-it category for readers. Yes, some of the scenes are cringe-worthy and the characters may well drive you nuts. But I dare you to stop reading.

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