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A Palm Beach Wife, by Susannah Marren, is set amid Palm Beach's high society.
The summary says: "Amid the glamour and galas and parties of Palm Beach, Faith knows that image often counts as much if not more than reality. She glides effortlessly among the highest of the high society so perfectly that you would never suspect she wasn't born to this.
But it wasn't always so; though she hides it well, Faith has fought hard for the wonderful life she has, for her loving, successful husband, for her daughter's future.
In this town of secrets and gossip and rumours, Faith has kept a desperate grip on everything she holds so dear, built from so little. And yet even she - the only one who knows just how far she has to fall - never suspects from which direction, or how many directions all at once, betrayal will come."
A Palm Beach Wife is out in April 2019. You can read an excerpt here.



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