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A Notting Hill Christmas, a novella by Jon Rance, is centred around a family celebrating Christmas in a tiny Notting Hill flat. The summary says: "Meet Ben Canterbury, 29, single, lives in a poky flat in Notting Hill with horny Welshman, Rufus. His life has been one disappointment after another. What makes it worse is that his brother, Jamie, is the complete opposite - a barrister to Ben's barista - with a family and a proper house in Twickenham. In an attempt to compete with his perfect brother, Ben insists he hosts the family Christmas, but it isn't long before he realises he's way out of his depth. Ben's flat isn't big enough for everyone (including one very angry dog), the Christmas tree's from the pound shop, the decorations are hung with Blu-Tack, and the turkey might not fit in the oven. Ben's definitely not feeling the Christmas spirit. But when beautiful new neighbour, Mhairi McGregor, appears at his door, Ben's Christmas worries go out of the window and he begins to wonder if it might not be the worst Christmas in history after all. Amid all the drama, drinking and carnage of Christmas Day, will Ben find true love or will it be another disappointment to add to the list?"

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