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A Bella Flora Christmas - Wendy Wax (2017)


Wendy Wax is back with a Christmas novella featuring all of our favourite characters from her Ten Beach Road novels. As everyone gathers to spend the holidays at Bella Flora, Kyra is especially anxious this year. A mystery tenant is set to move into the home after the first of the year, which will hopefully secure their future. However, she is also facing an important life-changing decision about her son, Dustin, which needs to be made by New Year's Eve. Suddenly, this isn't the nice family Christmas Kyra had envisioned.
While all of the characters are featured, the story mainly revolves around Kyra's and Dustin's future. The novella is a nice way to move their story forward, and that of her situation with Bella Flora. I'm looking forward to learning who this mystery tenant is, in addition to the repercussions of Kyra's decision. Stay tuned. (LEK)

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