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Don’t You Forget About Me – Liz Tipping

With her school reunion looming, Cara wants her own romantic moment fit for the big screen.

Martini Henry - Sara Crowe

Sue finds a book about her family history that could reveal where their treasure is hidden.

By the Numbers - Jen Lancaster

Penny was all ready to downsize - but then her ex-husband and her parents move in.

How to Find Love in a Book Shop - Veronica Henry

When her father dies, Emilia tries to get the bookshop back on track for the community.

Don’t Marry Thomas Clark  - Celia Hayes

Thomas is set for an inheritance but he must marry Sandy - who hates him with a passion.


How to Party With an Infant by Kaui Hart Hemmings

With her toddler's daddy getting married to someone else, Mele decides to join a mummy club.

The House on Sunset Lake by Tasmina Perry

Back at Casa D'Or, Jim tries to shake off the ghosts of the past but unearths a chilling secret.

The Legacy of Lucy Harte - Emma Heatherington

Lucy's teenage bucket list offers Maggie a chance at getting her life back on track.

Letters from Lighthouse Cottage by Ali McNamara

Grace grew up in a tiny seaside town but she always longed to escape to a bigger world.

Killer Diamonds by Rebecca Chance

Film star Vivienne decides to auction her multi-million-dollar jewellery collection for charity.

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The Dress - Jane L. Rosen

MAKING HER DEBUT: Everything is about to change for these women, thanks to one dress.

Friends Like Us by Sian O'Gorman

MAKING HER DEBUT: Life hasn't quite worked out the way these friends once imagined it might.

The Trouble with Henry and Zoe by Andy Jones

ONE FROM THE BOYS: If they had met a year ago, things might have worked out differently.

London Belongs to Us - Sarra Manning

TEEN READ: Sunny's out for retribution after seeing a picture of her boyfriend kissing a girl.

Break in Case of Emergency - Jessica Winter

MAKING HER DEBUT: Thirty-something Jen takes on a job at a feminist non-profit foundation.


The Singles Game - Lauren Weisberger

When Charlie makes a pact with a tennis coach, she enters a world where the stakes are high - and no one plays by the rules.


We'll Always Have Paris - Sue Watson

After a chance encounter with Peter forty-seven years later, Rosie begins to wonder 'what if'.


 Paige Toon

Paige Toon: 'I try to change things up a bit with every book - I don't want to become predictable to my readers.'


Jamie's aunty keeps trying to set her up with the eligible rich sons from her country club.

Don't Mention the Rock Star


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