The Girls from the Revolutionary Cantina - M. Padilla (2010)

Julia Juarez, a Mexican-American sales rep at a security firm, is trying not to get distracted by her sexy co-worker Ilario, who caught her snooping around his office and hasn't made eye contact with her since. When Ilario and Julia's best friend, Ime, a real estate mogul, hit it off at a Cinco de Mayo party, Julia is inwardly crushed but wants Ime to be happy. When her working relationship with Ilario turns hostile, Julia starts to worry about the future of her career. Her closest friends are also under pressure: Nina, the most timid of them all, is preparing to marry a man she's not sure she loves; Concepcion, a rebel and a wild child, is developing an obsession for a handsome actor wanted for the murder of his wife; and Marta, elderly owner of the Revolutionary Cantina, is drawn into a wacky plot launched by Concepcion. I did not want to put this page-turner down, there is so much happening at once yet it all ties in brilliantly. (AV)

The Girls From the Revolutionary Cantina, by M. Padilla (the M. stands for Mike) is a tale about female friendship. The summary says: "Inspired by their good-natured rivalry, career-oriented best friends Julia Juarez and Ime Benevides have never let anything come between them. Then enters Julia's new co-worker, Ilario, who pulls both women's heartstrings, disrupts their friendship, and brings Julia's career to the brink of disaster. Looking for support, Julia turns to her other friends: Concepcion, a party-obsessed dance instructor; Nina, a timid but shrewd seamstress who's not too taken with her fiance; and Marta, owner of the Revolutionary Cantina, who is preoccupied with the details of a Hollywood murder case. When they involve Julia in a risky scheme, she must choose between her loyalty to her friends and a chance to live the life she's worked so hard to achieve." It's out in June.

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