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The Godmother series - Carrie Adams

Tessa King has a tribe of godchildren, then falls for a man with a built-in family.

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Venus Gilroy - Swan Adamson

Meet Venus Gilroy, the girl with three ex-husbands, two dads and a mother.

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Sydney Alexander - Christa Ann Banister

Can travel writer Sydney find true love?

  • Around the World in 80 Dates (2007)

  • Blessed are the Meddlers (2008)

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The Thin Pink Line - Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Can a woman get away with faking a pregnancy for the full nine months? Jane Taylor is willing to give it a shot.

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Drama Queen series - Tracey Bateman

Focuses on friends Tabby, Dancy and Laini.

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Ashley Stockingdale - Kristin Billerbeck

Patent attorney Ashley's quest for happily ever after.

  • What a Girl Wants (2004)

  • She's Out of Control (2004)

  • With this Ring, I'm Confused (2005)

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Spa Girls - Kristin Billerbeck

Three friends - Lilly, Morgan and Poppy - stay in touch with regular visits to a Californian spa.

  • She's All That (2005)

  • A Girl's Best Friend (2006)

  • Calm, Cool and Adjusted (2006)

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Trophy Wives Club - Kristin Billerbeck

A group of Christians and trophy wives form a tight friendship through life's trials.

  • The Trophy Wives Club (2007)

  • Back to Life (2008)

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Q series - Sarah Bilston

Quinn, a British lawyer living in New York, is confined to bed rest for the end of her pregnancy.
Will she get back on her feet when the baby is born?

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Fidelity inspector - Jessica Brody

Jennifer Hunter leads a double life, working as a fidelity inspector under the codename Ashlyn, testing if clients' partners will cheat or not.

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Champagne series - Amanda Brucker

Sassy, sexy and rich - welcome to the world of diva Eva Valentine.

  • Champagne Kisses (2008)

  • Champagne Babes (2009)

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French Twist - Sandra Byrd

Francophile Lexi Stuart is on a mission to become a pastry chef.

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Queen of Babble - Meg Cabot

Lizzie Nichols may have a big mouth that keeps getting her in trouble but her talents with vintage clothing repairs keep saving the day.

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Heather Wells mysteries - Meg Cabot

Life isn't easy for the former pop singer who becomes assistant dorm manager at a New York college - especially as dead bodies keep popping up.

  • Size 12 is Not Fat (2006)

  • Size 14 Is Not Fat Either (2006)

  • Big Boned (2007)

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Samantha Smythe - Lucy Cavendish

Take a peek into the chaotic life of Samantha Smythe, who lives with her second husband John and children.

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Davenport Hall - Claudia Carroll

How Portia Davenport saves her ancestral home - and finds love.

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Lucy Klein - Jennifer Coburn

Enter the wacky world of Lucy Klein and her dysfunctional family.

  • Tales from the Crib (2006)

  • The Queen Gene (2007)

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Accidental Mother - Rowan Coleman

The story of Sophie Mills who takes on her late best friend's two daughters.

  • The Accidental Mother (2005)

  • The Accidental Family (2009)

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Theodora - Penny Culliford

Read the diaries of a 30-something Christian, Theodora Llewellyn.

  • Theodora's Diary (2001)

  • Theodora's Wedding (2003)

  • Theodora's Baby (2006)

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Matchmaker series - Dee Davis

Matchmaker Althea meets her competitive match in a bid to find a playboy a bride then her niece needs her help.

  • Match Made on Madison (2007)

  • Set Up in Soho (2008)

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Holly's Inbox - Holly Denham

Take a peek into emails sent and received by London receptionist Holly.

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Red carpet - Hilary De Vries

Jump on the red carpet with celebrity publicist Alex Davidson.

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Bridget Jones - Helen Fielding

Start where it all began with Bridget, the most famous singleton of our time.

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The Hen Night Prophecies - Jessica Fox

Follows the fortunes of five women - bride-to-be Zoe and her best friends Fern, Priya, Libby and Charlotte - each given their own puzzling prophecy by a tarot card reader at the hen night.

  • The One That Got Away (2009)

  • Eastern Promise (2009)

  • Hard to Get (2010)

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St Benedict's - Leonie Fox

Get set for some shenanigans at St Benedict's country club.

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Rachel & Darcy - Emily Giffin

What happens when a woman tries to steal her best friend's man?
And does that make up for all the times her best friend stole her thunder?
Will you side with Rachel or Darcy?

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A.M Goldsher

About rock'n'roll chicks Naomi and Jenn.

  • The True Naomi Story (2007)

  • Reality Check (2008)

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Sammy's series - Kristin Gore

Health care adviser Samantha Joyce on the road from Capitol Hill to the White House.

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Demented Housewife series - Niamh Greene

Susie's journal chronicles the hectic life of a stay-at-home mother.

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Charlie Edwards - Kim Gruenenfelder

The life and loves of Charlie Edwards, personal assistant to a movie star.

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High Heels - Gemma Halliday

Where high crime meets high fashion with LA shoe designer and sleuth Maddie Springer.

  • Spying in High Heels (2006)

  • Killer in High Heels (2007)

  • Undercover in High Heels (2007)

  • Alibi in High Heels (2008)

  • Mayhem in High Heels (2009)

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Shoe addicts - Beth Harbison

A group of women meet up with one thing in common - a love of designer shoes.

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Secret Shoppers - Kate Harrison

Learn the secrets of the secret shoppers, Grazia, Sandie and Emily.

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Mr Right - Anita Heiss

Four friends Alice, Peta, Liza and Dannie look for Mr Right on the Sydney social scene.

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Man hunt - Holly Hill

What happens when this journalist advertises for a sugar daddy, then a younger man?

  • Sugarbabe (2007)

  • Toyboy (2008)

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Lisa Maria - Susan Hubbard

Lisa Maria Marino takes a job as a maid and becomes a newspaper advice columnist.

  • Lisa Maria's Guide for the Perplexed (2004)

  • Lisa Maria Takes Off (2005)

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Knitting club - Kate Jacobs

Join the knit and chat group that meets at Georgia Walker's yarn shop.

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Brooke Miller series - Brenda Janowitz

Weddings seem to get the Manhattan lawyer into all sorts of trouble.

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Hell series - Rachel Johnson

Join the haves and the have-yachts in Notting Hill, then escape to a rural community.

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Kerry Katona

About struggling single mum Leanne Crompton and her family, including her mum Tracy, her criminal brother Markie and glamour model WAG Charly.

  • Tough Love (2007)

  • The Footballer's Wife (2008)

  • Glamour Girl (2008)

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Walsh sisters - Marian Keyes

Here's four great stories about the five intriguing girls from this mad Dublin family.

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Deidre McIntosh - Mia King

Deidre is a TV lifestyle expert who needs a bit of help on the personal front.

  • Good Things (2007)

  • Table Manners (2009)

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Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella

Meet one of the most endearing characters, Rebecca Bloomwood. Just don't lend her your credit card!

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WAGS - Alison Kervin

The glamorous life of Tracie Martin, Luton Town FC's longest-serving WAG.

  • The WAG's Diary (2007)

  • WAGS Abroad (2008)

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The Nanny - Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin

Life isn't easy for New York nanny Nan.

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Isabelle Beckett - Melanie La'Brooy

Follow Isabelle through finding love and having a baby.

  • Love Struck (2003)

  • The Babymoon (2008)

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Jen Lancaster

Follows the city escapades of an ex-sorority girl.

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Stephanie Lessing

About shoe lover Chloe Rose, her feminist sister Zoe and the magazine world.

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I Do - Cara Lockwood

The trials of wedding planner Lauren Crandell and her sister Lily.

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Hip to be Square - Hope Lyda

Mari Hamilton tries out a new more glamorous life - and plays maid of honour.

  • Hip to be Square (2005)

  • Altar Call (2006)

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Eva and Lainey - Monica McInerney

Follow the lives of two friends, Eva who takes off to Australia and Lainey, who heads to Ireland.

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Knitting series - Gil McNeil

Jo Mackenzie takes over her grandmother's wool shop in a seaside town after her husband's death.

  • Divas Don't Knit (2007)

  • Needles and Pearls (2008)

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Isabel Bookbinder - Holly McQueen

Isabel Bookbinder tries to take on the worlds of book publishing and fashion.

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Lizzie Jordan - Chris Manby

The life and times of drama queen Lizzie Jordan.

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Lauren Holbrook - Erynn Mangum

Lauren Holbrook is on a mission to play matchmaker to the romantically challenged.

  • Miss Match (2007)

  • Rematch (2007)

  • Match Point (2008)

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Slightly series - Wendy Markham

Tracy Spadolini goes through breakups and finds new love along the road to happily ever after.

  • Slightly Single (2002)

  • Slightly Settled (2004)

  • Slightly Engaged (2006)

  • Slightly Married (2007)

  • Slightly Suburban (2008)

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Hollywood Girls Club - Maggie Marr

The women of Hollywood include agent Jessica, actress Celeste, producer Lydia, writer Mary Anne and publicist Kiki Dee.

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Chocolate Lovers - Carole Matthews

The club brings together four very different women.

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The Baby Trail - Sinead Moriarty

Thirty-something make-up artist Emma Hamilton is on a quest to have a baby.
If she goes off the pill in December, falls pregnant in January then she'll have the baby in September and be back in shape in time for Christmas. But making a baby rarely goes to plan . . .

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The Assistant - Clare Naylor and Mimi Hare

Talent agency assistant Lizzie Miller starts climbing the rungs of the Hollywood ladder.

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Playing Away - Adele Parks

About a trio of women mixed up with infidelity.

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Housewife series - Alison Penton Harper

The ups and downs of widow Helen Robbins.

  • Housewife on Top (2007)

  • Housewife in Love (2009)

  • Housewife in Trouble (2010)

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Moms and Mrs - Jane Porter

Marta Zinsser can't seem to fit in with the other moms, while Taylor Young is struggling to maintain her alpha image.

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Angel - Katie Price

Enter the not-always-so-glamorous world of glamour model Angel.

  • Angel (2006)

  • Angel Uncovered (2008)

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Call Girl series - Tracy Quan

This series follows the adventures of upmarket call girl Nancy Chan whose family doesn't know about her real job.

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Shopper series - Carmen Reid

Shop til you drop with Annie Valentine.

  • The Personal Shopper (2007)

  • Late Night Shopping (2008)

  • How Not to Shop (2009)

  • Celebrity Shopper (2010)

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Family drama - Patricia Scanlan

Witness the family feuds of bride Debbie and her divorced parents, Connie and Barry.

  • Forgive and Forget (2008)

  • Happy Ever After (2009)

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Kate Fisher - Penny Smith

The fall and rise of British TV presenter Kate Fisher, written by an insider.

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Annabelle Pleasanton - Elodia Strain

Magazine staffer Annabelle strives to make a mark in her career and love life.

  • The Icing on the Cake (2007)

  • Previously Engaged (2009)

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Rachel Benjamin mystery - Jennifer Sturman

Investment banker Rachel Benjamin gets caught up in several murder cases, all while pursuing love.

  • The Pact (2004)

  • The Jinx (2005)

  • The Key (2006)

  • The Hunt (2007)

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Sushi series - Camy Tang

Focuses on the love lives of four Asian-American cousins - Lex the Jock, Trish the Flirt, Venus the Cactus, and Jennifer the Oddball.

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Mother of three series - Eirin Thompson

The trials and tribulations of an unnamed mother of three.

  • Notes for the Next Time (2007)

  • The Undercover Mother (2008)

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Deirdre O'Dare series - Kate Thompson

Centres on Irish actress turned screenwriter Deirdre O'Dare.

  • It Means Mischief (1998)

  • More Mischief (1999)

  • Love Lies Bleeding (2008)

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Last Year - Sarah Tucker

Sarah Giles documents in diary form how she is torn between two men and then what happens five years down the track.

  • The Last Year of Being Single (2003)

  • The Last Year of Being Married (2004)

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Dirty Girls - Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

The story of the six Latina women - Usnavys, Lauren, Rebecca, Sara, Cuicatl and Elizabeth.

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Jane Austen Addict - Laurie Viera Rigler

Courtney Stone enters the world of Jane Austen's era, while Jane Mansfield, a gentleman's daughter from Regency England awakens in Courtney's modern LA life.

  • Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict (2007)

  • Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict (2009)

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Jo Smiley - Daisy Waugh

PR agent Jo Smiley in the city and country.

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Cannie Shapiro - Jennifer Weiner

Join Cannie Shapiro where it all started and then catch up with her and daughter almost 13 years later.

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Mad Diary - Laura Wolf

Enter the life of one woman as she traverses two rites of passage - becoming a bride and falling pregnant.

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