When Good Friends Go Bad - Ellie Campbell (2009)

Jen, Meg, Georgina and Rowan became firm friends at school in the 1980s. But after an escapade went awry, they all went their separate ways. They had one tense reunion 12 years later, when Rowan - the shyest of them all - asked the girls to meet her one night but never showed up. Now in the present day, free-spirited single mum Meg has got back in touch, asking Jen and Georgina for help tracking down Rowan over a 'life or death' matter. Georgina now runs a successful fashion business with her husband, while Jen is in the midst of a divorce. But what ever happened to Rowan? As the three women join forces to find their old friend, all sorts of secrets from the past surface. You'll need to keep your wits about you as the first few chapters swing between the three time periods. But as it develops, the storyline will keep you guessing all the way through to one gripping confrontation.

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